Homepage Relaunch

Overhauling our website

We started our project “new website” full of vim and vigour — and no idea that we would really reach our limits. And go beyond them.

The Adventure begins.

Times change, and we change with them. We all agree: it’s time for something new. Something modern, innovative, fascinating, going beyong limits…in short: the time has come for a new website.

We started our project full of vim and vigour — and with no idea that we would really reach our limits. And go beyond them. Anyway.… where there’s a will there’s a way. After searching the infinite vastness of the world wide web we finally found a CMS (Content Management System) that satisfied our demand for a relatively simple and individual approach to rework our website: WordPress. Now the actual work started.

referenz film GmbH Mitarbeiterin sitzt vor einem Bildschirm und sichtet das Rohmaterial.At the beginning we had to answer questions such as: what should our homepage look like, which font and what colors match our corporate design? Being creatives ourselves we could answer these questions in a timely manner. For every page and sub-page a new text had to be written, since many of the old ones were outdated and literally read to death.

Switch on the coffee maker and continue. Everyone knew what to do and — step by step — our collection of WordPress documents transformed into a handsome website. While some of us continued working on the texts and optimized them for search engines (SEO), others looked for pictures and videos, that were inserted to each page. Since a lot of the equipment has changed in recent years, we had to take many new pictures in our offices and utility rooms. We also added several new films which were produced only recently by the referenz film team. The final steps focussed on the layout. Some of us got acquainted with HTML and CSS commands, which were necessary to allow for a more individual and good-looking layout.

It hat been a pretty challenging jouney and we had to overcome some obstacles. But now our website shines in new splendor and we wish you a lot of fun browsing it.

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