Shooting at Knauf

Impressions of the shooting

We carried out a shooting for our customer KNAUF Gips KG on November 16, 2015. Our new colleague writes about the impressions she got from her first shooting with us.

Monday and morning - what a nasty combination. Sunshine at least. However, .... all the folks at referenz film are highly motivated: Days of shooting are great days, even if it's Mondays. One last meeting so everyone knows his tasks and the schedule for today. I'm assigned for make-up, a rewarding job for a newbie. Cookies for breakfast, loading all the equipment into our spacious van and of we go. In Iphofen we meet our two freelance cameramen, who are at the location already.

In the spectacular entrance hall of the KNAUF headquarter we meet our principals and main actors, among them the multiple swimming world champion Thomas Lurz and Mr. Frank Lehner, the future health ambassador of KNAUF. Since many of us have been working on earlier parts of the KNAUF's "Kraftakt"-series, the atmosphere gets relaxed easily and we are looking forward to working together.

After wiring the equipment I set up my little make-up studio in the periphery of the hall. From the very beginning I feel secure because my experienced colleagues are willing to answer all the questions that arise.

I start doing the make-up for todays main actors. Finding the right skin tone, masking out the flush of the skin, yet not applying too much, and entertaining the actors in a relaxed atmosphere is pretty exciting. However, I master my task and am more than satisfied with the result. Then the shooting starts.

Frau Weissmann gibt Anweisungen für den weiteren Verlauf der Filmproduktion

Since we are inside an office building, we have to watch out for employees walking right through the set - or walk at all, respectively! For we do audio recording as well. And every step of a KNAUF employee can be heard throughout the impressive high hall.


Herr Lehner und Frau Stolz werden von Thorsten, einem Kameramann des referenz film Teams gefilmtThat's probably the most challenging task anyway. Explaining the situation to passing employees and prevent them from crossing through the scene, in order to get a quick and straightforward shoot. As you might imagine, that's sometimes pretty amusing.

Our actors are doing a phantastic job and I can observe the interaction between the director, camera, sound and assistants. You become aware that the folks at referenz film are a perfectly established team.

A couple of hours later the shooting is finished. While our actors can call it a day, for us it means dismantling and clearing. Without grumbling and always in a good mood, everyone helps to collect and stow away the equipment. It's dark already and I realize that a long, exciting and interesting day has passed. I'm looking forward to the next shooting with the team of referenz film.

Das referenz film Team bei Knauf

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